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15 years ago (when we designed your site) mobile phones looked like this.

Nokia 1100

Suggesting that you might one day browse the web on one would have made us a laughing stock.

pointing laughing

5 years ago, mobile phones looked like this.

iPhone 4

You could surf the internet on them, but it was expensive, slow, hard to find a connection... so not many people did.

Just 20%, in fact.

But in just five years, visits from mobile devices have risen to
and are increasing every month.StatCounterIn other words, MORE PEOPLE are now surfing the internet on PHONES & TABLETS than on computers!

But this is not a Good Thing for older websites, because they do not display at all well on telephones.

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Fortunately, LetSites have a great solution.

Two, in fact.

Firstly, we can create a phone-friendly version of your existing site which comes up automatically when someone visits from a mobile device.The server detects what sort of device the visitor has and sends them straight to the version which is more appropriate.

But this phone-friendly version is what is called "responsive". That means that it changes its layout automatically to suit the width of the screen.As a result, it looks great on a desktop computer, too.

So, if you prefer, we can retire your existing site altogether and display the responsive mobile version to every visitor, regardless of their device.The choice is yours.




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